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Keep Going!

Running your own business can be tough, I know firsthand how much there is to do. I like to help ambitious people reach their goals!



Thinking & Planning

How can you reach your business goals if you don't understand the whole picture?

I work alongside you and your team to;

  • Understand your market and customers

  • Identify target markets and priorities

  • Explore and define routes to market

  • Position your brand and business

  • Embed a culture of sales


From one-day workshops getting your team thinking in the right direction through to delivery and implementation of a 3-year business development strategy, I can help shape and deliver on your business ambitions.


The Doing

You know what you need to do but how do you engage customers in the right way?


With 20 years in the advertising and marketing industry, I can create, implement and train others to deliver on business targets. From building a 12-month marketing plan and communicating these aims company-wide to pinpointing key relationships to be nurtured. 


I can help if you want to establish or enhance your;

  • Brand profile

  • Brand placement

  • Elevator pitch

  • PR & Communication strategy

  • Marketing Strategy


Achieve your Goals

Well done!  You have met your targets, business is growing but what comes next? 


Understanding which opportunities to take and ensuring that all parts of your business grow together can be challenging. It is essential to think about your approach to;

  • A managed expansion

  • Raising capital investment, funding or commercialisation strategies

  • Managing and exceeding customer expectations

  • Quality control and continuous improvement

  • Refining your sales and marketing approach to increase customer retention and referrals

Find out more

Call me on 07877 066 900 or email to arrange a free consultation

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Starting Out

At the age of 15, I landed my first work experience role in an advertising agency, after two weeks I had secured a second job for the summer eventually going on to join the team at Ward Lovett Advertising after finishing University.


Studying Sociology and Marketing, both at Lancaster University and Michigan State, USA - I focused my love of understanding why people behave the way they do with how to market messages to them.  

 Why I can help your business

Building Experience

As a natural communicator and leader, I helped to grow a small publishing house


  • from three employees to twenty-two.

  • build our monthly magazine The Skinny from two cities to six to become the third largest independent listings magazine in the UK.

  • to expand the portfolio of revenue generating products and platforms. 

  • raised capital investment for digital expansion.


My role increased revenues year on year against a backdrop of the 2008 recession and declining print industry.


The business managed intensive deadline driven short-run publications, multiple digital channels, successful events and bespoke opportunities to support graduates and the grassroots cultural scene in Scotland and beyond.

Business Development

I started a business development consultancy as I love to work with people who are excited about their next steps, who can see their potential but require support and experience to guide and shape their growth.


I bring experience from a diverse set of clients, here are some examples ;


  • SICK! Festival on their Corporate Development, PR and Communication Strategies

  • Fatsoma, an app inspired ticketing platform expanding into new markets

and with an impressive consultancy 

  • Perform Green who supports local government and large corporations on maximising their adoption of technology to deliver long-lasting positive change. 


My time with Perform Green extensively increased my knowledge and insight on creating and delivering smart cities, our team worked on two of the key projects in Bristol which contributed to the city being named Smart City of the year 2017 by Huawei Smart City Index.

More than just business

Having experienced running a start-up company, I understand the ups and downs of growth. I have raised capital investment, pitching to high net worth individuals and VC's promoting the idea you believe in. Mentoring on tech accelerator programs, such as Ignite, as well as in one to one situations for professional development, has increased my awareness of complex and varied business challenges. As part of my commitment to personal growth I undertook training in co-active coaching and became a qualified PRINCE2 and Agile Practioner. 


In my spare time I am a fellow of the RSA, which focuses on how to enrich society through ideas and action, and have volunteered with UN Women.

I speak publicly about networking and the media industry with appearances at the University of Edinburgh and Lancaster University, providing hints and tips for the next generation. I also contribute to panels in support of female entrepreneurs and share experience of rapid business expansion.


I am not your usual salesperson, having been lucky enough to work across multiple industries and in a wide range of roles, so I understand the bigger picture for growth and I bring those insights into every job. I ensure your business development approach is holistic.

The most important thing about me is that I work hard and can be trusted to get the job done.

Get in touch on 07877 066 900 or via email at to tell me all about your business needs.

Get in touch

Enough about me, tell me about you!


I would love to find out more about your business opportunities and challenges. Please get in touch with more detail or to arrange a call so we can increase your revenue streams and grow your business together. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

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